Here comes Scammin’ Obama…

It seems that Orly Taitz was on to something when she accused the Nubian impostor in the White House of  not being of this Earth continent. Which, actually, he isn’t because Hawaii is an island.  Which is way out there in the ocean. No. Even farther. Now down. Lower.  Yeah. That’s it.

But never mind that.

Unfortunately Orly was suckered in by a fake birth certificate purportedly from Kenya when it turns out that Barack Obama is actually from Nigeria making him a Nigerican.

How do we know? Because Press Secretary Robert Gibbs let down his guard for a moment today and  intrepid Fox News "journalist" Major Garrett pounced just like  Jesse Waters does when he sees  a defenseless woman walking down the street. It seems that various "friends" and "acquaintances" and "men Garrett pays money to have sex with" have told him that they have been receiving unsolicited emails from the White House promising to make their "monster so big she will beg you for more". Also,  they get emails about health care, which is like the same thing.

Fox News Channel’s Major Garrett, expertly using his Wingnut Jedi Mind Tricks, laid a meticulous trap for White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today about David Axelrod’s health care spam.

It goes like this: Garrett claims to have heard from people who received Axelrod’s e-mail but never signed up to receive e-mails from the White House. So, he asks, how did those people get the email?

So Obama is using  David Axelrod as a front to spam people’s email addresses, the same way Dick Cheney used Scooter Libby to lie like a motherfucker . And how is Obama getting those addresses? We don’t know. And how do Nigerian spammers get everyone’s email addresses? We don’t know. See?

I think reasonable people can agree that Barack Obama is obviously an email scam artist from Nigeria. How else do you think he raised all of that money last year to beat that old guy and his trophy slutty stewardess running mate?

Besides getting a Pulitzer for this incredible scoop, Major Garrett is totally going to get a promotion at Fox  to, like, Lieutenant Colonel Garrett or something.

Silver Oak Leaf cluster, bitchez.

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