Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By has put out a call:

Too many elders, who all have their own single-payer system that works quite well — Medicare — are being selfish in opposing reform for everyone else – I’ve got mine and screw you. But unless meaningful health care happens, Medicare will need to be cut way back and then elders will be among the underinsured — or even uninsured — too. … Health care reform is the most crucial element to economic recovery. If it does not happen, or if it is watered down too much to serve the corporate health care industries’ interests over people’s, only the rich will be able to afford health care. If that happens, I don’t want to have to say I sat back silently and watched it happen.

Polling suggests that too many of us are the skeptics whose unease with change creates the opening for the nut job tea baggers to do their raving.

Elders need to talk with elders about what reform means and why we need it. Write your post, visit Time Goes By and share your link. Can we get 100 posts, 200 posts…?

I’ll have mine up at Happening Here. How about you?