Death Panel for Bipartisanship

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Iowa GOP Senator Chuck Grassley confirmed that the end-of-life provision has been dropped from the Senate Finance Committee bill because it’s too "open to interpretation." Is it time to convene a death panel for bipartisanship on health care?

A day after Patron Saint of Bipartisanship Chuck Grassley seemed to lend support to Sarah Palin’s “death panel” claims, the Senator confirmed that the end of life provision has been dropped from the Senate Finance compromise bill because, he said, it could be “misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly.”

Not only that, but he also directly attacked the House Dem proposal by floating the idea that it leaves end of life issues “open to interpretation.”

Greg Sargent also reports:

Is it time for bipartisanship itself to start its own “end of life consultations”? Probably not, but Dem anger is palpable on the Hill over Grassley’s decision to throw in his lot with the “death panel” brigade at a time when he’s supposed to be the GOP’s point man for good-faith bipartisan efforts to find common ground on health care reform.

No one in the Senate GOP is operating in good faith any longer. Bipartisanship deserves to die with dignity, not have its life prolonged by attachment to political machinery that will only prolong its suffering. Pull the plug.

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