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About the modern media in a few short sentences.

Robert Gibbs stated yesterday what we dirty effing hippies of the the internets have been saying for years, "the media bore some of the blame [regarding health care reform falsehoods] for doing too many “X said this, Y said this” stories, without rooting out, and pointing out, unambiguous falsehoods."

This response
to his criticism was telling:

Jessica Yellin, CNN’s national political correspondent, commenting on Senator Cardin’s town meeting in Hagerstown, Md., pointed out what news people already know: when journalists cite outright misstatements by public officials, the American people “don’t seem to trust us.”

Ah, modern journalism now going by the mantra, "why even try?".

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles:

For the second day in a row, thousands of people lined up on Wednesday — starting after midnight and snaking into the early hours — for free dental, medical and vision services, courtesy of a nonprofit group that more typically provides mobile health care for the rural poor.

Cue Lee Greenwood.

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