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The Wankery of Solomon

It was pretty well established that John Solomon was a right-wing tool before the Washington Post hired him in December 2006. A "Ron Fournier" for when Ron Fournier’s dance card is full. From the Clintons, to John Edwards‘ house, to Harry Reid and schmoozing it has been a rare Democrat for whom John Solomon has not ignored fact to serve alternative reality. Meanwhile, no Republican has been too small for favorably editing reality. Surely, he was the perfect choice to become Executive Editor of the Moonie Times in January 2008.

And the latest release of emails — more than two years after the fact — about the firing of Federal Prosecutors reveals him at his most Right-Wing Enabling:

In other words, now that I’ve told you the excuses I’ll give you — you should really let me in to flesh out the enabling. And lo, Solomon did make it so.

I bet Fred Hiatt still tears up like Glenn Beck (only sincerely) when he thinks how he lost such a valuable commodity.

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