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Marcia Fudge: Will Only Vote For A Bill With a Public Option

Allie M. of Watergatesummer attended the Marcia Fudge town hall.  She emails:

I did go to the mic, I was question number 5. I did explain that I am an uninsured nurse. I did turn and tell the audience that more than 52 million people are without health care and health insurance and I am one of them, and I asked them to look at people sitting near them.   There is bound to be someone there that is uninsured.  Do not shame them or humiliate them, they are like me — working hard not able to get Insurance or cancelled like me due to pre-existing condition or family history.

My question to Marcia was, "will you promise to do all in your power to fight for the public option for people like me ?"

And she did answer that she promised she would do all she could, and that she would not vote for a bill that did not have the public option.

You can see Allie ask her question on the local news.  They didn’t get Rep. Fudge’s response, but I think that’s good enough to provisionally put her in the "only with robust" category.  She is a 676 cosponsor and serves on the Education & Labor committee that co-authored the bill.  If anyone has video of the event and Rep. Fudge’s response to Alllie’s question, send it along.

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