DOJ to Beef Up Corporate Fraud Enforcement (As Soon as They Find a Super Star)

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Word is that the DOJ is seriously beefing up the fraud enforcement unit within the Criminal Division.

This is some very good news indeed:

The Obama administration is dramatically beefing up the fraud section of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division as it tries to add muscle to back up its rhetoric about cracking down on health care and corporate fraud.

The department is looking for what Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer calls "a superstar" to lead the fraud section. It also plans to add 10 trial attorneys and fill the long vacant job of deputy chief for corporate, securities and investment fraud.

That promise of extra bodies is critical: The fraud section is already the Criminal Division’s largest litigation unit. With additional resources and the strong backing of Justice higher-ups for more fraud prosecution, the new chief should become the bane of defense lawyers’ existence nationwide.

Oh, frabtacular day, if they follow through on this.

Serious criminal enforcement of fraud has been needed for a long, long time. Say, at least, about eight long years.

Gee, wonder how the utter lack of real tooth-filled enforcement the last few years happened?

Can you say Barbara Comstock, Alice Fisher and their ideological soulmate pals? I know I sure as hell can.

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