Concerned Women for America waving a pistol at ENDA. Literally

UPDATE: CWFA has removed the threatening picture from their front page.  Lucky Andy Towle preserved this nice screen shot for posterity.  He summed it all up very nicely:

Looks like the Concerned Women for America are taking a cue from the angry right-wing mobs flaunting their weaponry at town halls. Lurleen at Pam’s House Blend notes the use of a gun in a teaser for an article deriding the Employment Non-Discrimination Act on the group’s website. Not to mention the article itself is six kinds of crazy. And if you can figure out what the sentence means in that teaser above, you win a prize.


Concerned Women for America have posted a deranged article on ENDA written by their former lead “concerned woman”, Robert Knight.  They only have the kindest of intentions and the most Christian of thoughts about gays.  No really!  Don’t believe me?  Just look at the image (right) they used to promote the article. No, that isn’t a dog whistle for violence against gays, nooo, uh uh.

Meanwhile, the promoters of Referendum 71 in Washington state, which trumpeted the CWA as a major endorser, ran crying “Intimidation! Threats!” as an excuse to try to keep the signers of their public petitions secret and to refuse to divulge the names of their campaign donors as required by law.  This of course after they found so many unintimidated people to sign the petition that they had enough signatures to submit to the state.

Hey if you’d like a peek into the mind of the insane, read Knight’s article.  It’s supposed to be an article about ENDA, but somehow it’s really about marriage…or Ozzy Osbourne…or something.  Skip the theocratic appetizers:

To put it more simply, a statute that directly contradicts God’s moral law is illegitimate.

and go straight to the crazy-brain candy.

Societies that lose respect for marriage eventually lose creative energy derived from the delayed gratification that strengthens families. Instead, people strive for immediate, sensory pleasure, and societies become less dynamic and fertile. Government grows bigger to pick up the pieces and create grounds for even greater hegemony.

Our very survival is at stake, not just our economic well-being. When a spirited crowd rightly puts the screws to our rulers over their financial profligacy, someone needs to ask them as well why they’re serving as crew members on cultural bombers piloted by Pelosi, Obama and Kennedy.

Robert, didn’t your English teacher ever tell you that if you mix too many colorful metaphors, you end up with muddy-brown prose?

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