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YOYO, or The End of Compassionate Conservatism

The more these town-hall screamers (as well as their corporate enablers and media jesters) make clear that they’ve got health insurance and like it just fine, thankyewverymuch, the more evident it is: there’s no such thing as compassionate conservatism. Never was.

It’s all Katrina Konservatism: You’re On Your Own.


I actually am finding this health care debate quite clarifying. After the years of sanctimonious garbage about "compassionate conservatism" these people are finally being forced to say what they really believe: they just don’t care about anybody but themselves. If anything should happen to them personally, or they fail to get wealthy, the government should help them because they are deserving. Others (and I think you know what I’m talking about) simply aren’t worthy.

The hideous smiling-rictus mask of compassion for those unlike themselves, so ill-fitting for big-money conservatives and the religiousity rubes who elected them to loot our Treasury, hasn’t just slipped. It’s been ripped off for good. Anyone who has even a modicum of respect for the teachings of that carpenter two millenia ago has to be amazed. The right’s enabling philosophy has been starkly revealed by the "debates" at congressmember’s Saturday come-to-meeting and the Sunday gasbag roundtable.

It’s come down to this: you’re on your own.

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge