Wingnut columnist McCullough 'recruits' Stephen Baldwin, and stoking the town hall crazies

Wingnut radio host and supremely anti-gay and offensive Clown Hall columnist Kevin McCullough inadvertently gives a comical interview to Daddy-D's “news organ” CitizenLink. Perhaps the most revealing moment is a portrayal of actor and fundie Stephen Baldwin's immersion into Christian radio, something McCullough takes credit for:

I think everyone's going to want to know how you got Stephen Baldwin involved in all this!

I had moved to New York in 2003 to do a show there. And Stephen's wife, the lovely Mrs. Baldwin, was listening. She listens to Christian radio all the time. And she had my show on and she's using the butcher knife and she's chopping the vegetables for the dinner that night and she's talking out loud to no one in the kitchen. She's like, “That's right, you tell 'em!” “That's what I'm sayin'!” Stephen comes down and he's like, “Sweetie, who are you talking to?” And she's got this butcher knife in her hands and she wheels around and points the butcher knife at him and says, “You need to be more like that guy!” Stephen started listening and he's always been a junkie of talk radio. And so he called in and funny enough, I didn't know who he was! But he, for no explainable reason, befriended me and out of that friendship grew a real, simultaneous passion to reach the fifteen to thirty-four generation.

The interview also covers McCullough's unsurprising but tired opposition to health care reform by referring to the plan as 'Gestapo-care':

If you historically understand that the Gestapo was the part of the SS who were basically empowered to report on their neighbors, to be the nannies of everyone else around them, that's what the White House asked us to do on its blog when it said, 'if you receive emails, if you are seeing web sites or if you're having casual conversations in which people are spreading “disinformation.” And given what this administration seems to already have the penchant to do, and that is interpret things to their advantage at all times, if you just have a different opinion about it or draw a different statistical conclusion that doesn't square with their numbers, I could be considered to be someone spreading disinformation. As I told Cavuto on Fox News, the executive branch of government has no business monitoring my own private discussions about health care. So, on that level alone, I think that it is a Gestapo-like tactic that they were trying to very subtly encourage.

WTF? Isn't it interesting that people like McCullough (and his listeners), always seem to want government out of our private lives but they are the first to scream and protest for federal and state control over whether LGBTs can be fired for being out, or whether same-sex couples can marry.

More below the fold — how this kind of garbage stokes the know-nothing/birther/health care town hall nutcases.


And we can't even begin to go there with the behavior of the fear-mongering, and increasingly violent health care opponents that these right-wing media mouthpieces keep stoking. Look at this:

Earlier today, Fox News publicized the time and location of “gladiatorial” town halls hosted by Democrats — but not Republicans. With “heated” and increasingly confrontational town halls now dominating news coverage, Washington correspondent James Rosen announced he had “obtained a large Excel spreadsheet showing the schedule of town halls for Democratic members of Congress.” Rosen reported the time and location of several town halls, including those for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA).

Or this:

FreedomWorks, an industry-backed right-wing group led by former GOP congressman Dick Armey, has been heavily engaged in organizing conservatives to ambush Democratic members of Congress supporting health care reform at town halls across the country during the August recess. Its “astroturf” campaign is designed to present the appearance of wide-spread public discontent with health care reform, but the reality is that the town halls have become forums for disruption, extremism and even violence.

Last night on MSNBC, FreedomWorks Vice President Max Pappas boasted about flooding congresspeople’s town hall meetings and “blowing them apart.” “We have about 400,000 on-line members who we can contact with an e-mail database that we have, send them information about when the town halls are, give them briefings on the health care reform plans,” he said.

…Another caller who claimed to be from the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) — a group that claims the U.S. is a European country and was founded by a “longtime white-power activist” — praised Pappas. “I want to salute you, you’re a true patriot,” he told Pappas, who later urged the CCC member to join FreedomWorks.

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