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Whipping Blue Dogs on Single Payer

Lambert is organizing a terrific effort to turn H.R. 676 supporters out to Blue Dog town halls and get them to commit on camera to support Single Payer:

Now to start showing up at Blue Dogs’ Town Halls, wearing T-shirts that say Vote YES on HR 676, if you have to. If you get the chance to ask a question, and you should try very hard to get that chance, ask: Will you vote YES on HR 676?

It would be terrific to get the Blue Dogs on record as saying yes, they will vote for it, but primarily your asking about it out loud, in a calm and adult manner, will give other people the courage to start asking about it too, even if not right away.

Take a video camera with you if you have one, and if they’ll let you into the meeting with it, and try to get the question and the answer on video if you can. It’s okay if you can’t, the immediate point is to get the thoughts YES and HR 676 into not only the Blue Dogs’ heads, but the heads of their constituents too.

This is a great idea.   As Lambert writes, Schiff is having an event in Alhambra tonight, and Howie Klein is going to be leading a group there.  Almost 50 people have signed up to attend, and you can too.  As Howie notes, all Blue Dogs are not alike, and Schiff is actually a great place to start.  I’ll see if I can put together a whip sheet for Lambert to use.

You can sign up to attend the Schiff event here.

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