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Stephen Colbert Interviews Maine’s Chellie Pingree

Yay, my rep was on “The Colbert Report” last night, as part of his 435 part “Better Know A District Series”.

Last night’s episode featured Maine’s District #1. This is great- go, Chellie!

Among the topics:

Portland’s large gay and lesbian population (with its high concentration of women living together).

Lobsters, including whether our new marriage equality law will allow for men marrying their favorite crustacean.

Whether or not Maine is part of Canada.

The one and only black man in Maine.

How gay Maine is, on a scale of “One to Maine”.

Knitting- snore!!

Wind power and its dubiousness as a renewable energy source, with Stephen Colbert demonstrating wind- and how it generates “electricity”.

Oh, this is a FUN installment of the “Better Know A District” series…

Have I said before how much I heart Chellie Pingree? ūüėČ

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