Howie Klein says it’s about two hours before Adam Schiff is set to get to the Alhambra town hall tonight, and the crowd is about equally split between pro- and anti- reformers:"yes we can" shouting at "no you can’t." Slightly more pro-health care reform folks.

The wingers are more organized, yelling "Freedom yes, Obamacare no."  A couple of guys with bullhorns.

He says the pro-health care side is doing  10 different chants all at the same time. "The left seems disorganized but much bigger — the right seems smaller but very organized. They have all their talking points down. If you say something that goes outside their talking points, they get really, really angry"

Howie says that there are fake neck braces everywhere. Howie went up to one to talk to one woman wearing one — "they don’t want any kind of questions that go out of their comfort zone. And they only answer in exact memorized points. And they all totally think that their vision of the world is it. Then way off on the side are the LaRouche people, who are just running around with pictures of Obama dressed as Hitler and yelling something about FDR. They looked dangerous."

There are a lot of police walking around as a deterrent, but it doesn’t look like a dangerous crowd. Mostly an older crowd, 60 or over. Was originally supposed to be in the library, but there’s probably over 2000 people so they had to move it to the square. If they keep coming at this rate, Howie says there won’t be enough room.

OFA sent a flyer that people could print: "Standing together for health care reform." The right wingers have flyers that are made to look like they are hand made, but they are obviously manufactured.

Howie will have pictures of neck braces and more coming up at DownWithTyranny.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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