Obama Predicts Health Care Win in Fall Associated Press

A day before facing a potentially boisterous town hall in New Hampshire, President Barack Obama praised the spirited debate over his health care plans on Monday and predicted "sensible and reasoned arguments" would ultimately prevail in Congress.

Obama Heads to Town-Hall MeetingsWall Street Journal

President Barack Obama will spend the week trying to convince Americans with health insurance that legislation in Congress would benefit them, holding three town-hall meetings, a venue where Democrats have faced loud complaints.

Sen. McCaskill talks health care in southeast Mo.Associated Press

The standing ovation from an overflow crowd suggested that Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill was in friendly territory. The shouts and jeers made it clear that public rancor over President Barack Obama’s proposed health care overhaul remains incendiary.

EXCLUSIVE: Panel sees race bias in health care billWashington Times

Provisions designed to help underserved areas

White House Adapts to New Playbook in Health Care DebateNew York Times

The White House on Monday started a new Web site to fight questionable but potentially damaging charges that President Obama’s proposed overhaul of the nation’s health care system would inevitably lead to “socialized medicine,” “rationed care” and even forced euthanasia for the elderly.

For Major Health Industry Players, Reform’s Positives Outweigh NegativesKaiser Health News

When Congress and the White House began talking about a health care overhaul, the industries that profit from the $2.5 trillion system were understandably nervous.


Right Wing’s Anti-Health Care Icon Is Uninsured, Seeking Donations To Pay For Care (Updated)Think Progress

Last week, during a scuffle between health care town hall protesters and SEIU members at a town hall hosted by Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO), anti-health care reform protester Kenneth Gladney was injured and required hospitalization.

Is the Government Going to Euthanize your Grandmother? An Interview With Sen. Johnny Isakson.Ezra Klein

Sarah Palin’s belief that the House health-care reform bill would create "death panels" might be particularly extreme, but she’s hardly the only person to wildly misunderstand the section of the bill ordering Medicare to cover voluntary end-of-life counseling sessions between doctors and their patients.

Governor Palin’s Crazed Health Care Rant: Blame the Washington PostDean Baker

As a basic rule, politicians will say anything they can get away with. If an effective politician thinks that he can call his opponent a drug-dealing, serial-murdering gangster, and have the charge taken seriously by the media, then he will do it, even if there is no reality whatsoever to the allegation. The reason that most politicians don’t describe their opponents this way is because the media will denounce them as liars, who are unfit for responsible public office.

Health Insurance Woes: My $22,000 Bill for Having a BabyDoubleX

And I had coverage for maternity care!

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