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California, Marriage Equality, And Initiative Timing

In the Pam’s House Blend piece A reader writes the Courage Campaign about a 2010 Prop 8 repeal fundraising letter, the timing of the upcoming initiative to repeal Proposition 8 has been addressed. The Courage Campaign is advocating for 2010; while others are advocating for 2012, such as the a California lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) coalition of color.

The California Marriage Equality Activists Plan Ballot Initiative Campaign met in Los Angeles last weekend, and are planning for the coming initiative to repeal Proposition 8, no matter when the initiative is taken to California voters. Sara Beth Brooks, who has previously argued that the initiative should be filed for the 2010 Election, is the point of contact for the press release about last weekend’s Los Angeles meeting .

Equality California (EQCA), which is by most LGBT Callifornians assessment the juggernaut of LGBT non-profits/civil rights organizations here, is going to announce tomorrow whether they are going to support 2010 or 2012 for an initiative drive to repeal Prop 8.

I’m concerned. As long as the that California LGBT coalition of color isn’t supporting or working towards an initiative in 2010, I know as a LGBT Californian I’m not inclined at all to support — or work towards — a campaign for a 2010 initiative to repeal Proposition 8. My perspective is that without LGBT people of color organizations onboard in a Prop 8 repeal drive, I don’t see how we successfully repeal in Prop 8; I’m not going to spend my volunteer time or contribute any money to a campaign that I don’t see as having any chance at success.

One of the mistakes I made during the 2008 Prop 8 campaign was not pointing out what I saw as wrong with how the campaign was being run when I had questions about it. Such as, it bothered me that there were no images of LGBT people in the advertizing for the Prop 8 campaign, and that it didn’t appear to be a hearts-and-minds campaign. Well, I won’t make that mistake of not speaking up a second time.

So at this point, I won’t answer to focus groups; I won’t answer to big budget or small budget campaigns; I’m going to stick to telling you what I think.

So here’s what I think: If there are no LGBT people of color organizations onboard for a Prop 8 repeal, I’ll stay on the sidelines for this election cycle. I’ll vote for the Prop 8 repeal if it actually reaches the ballot in 2010 without LGBT people of color organizations onboard, but I won’t work/volunteer for — or contribute funds to — a 2010 attempt to repeal Prop 8 without LGBT people of color organizations onboard. I just see no possibility of a win without them onboard.

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