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AFA Don’t Love Me No More

   I hate getting off super early these days, it makes me bored silly to the point where I wind up writing something.


  I also find myself reading the web over and over again, looking, searching, for something of interest, or perhaps something to bitch about.

  Maybe both.

  It is old news to some I am sure but the American Family Association, that proud sponsor of the tiny town of Tupelo, MS (yea, the same place Elvis was born and the same place that got blown away by a tornado a few years after he was born) is moaning and groaning about the fact that the American Automobile Association recognizes same sex partnerships and families.

   OH MY GOD!!!!! They can’t do that. It’s an ABOMINATION. (Said in dumb southern drawl that has the IQ of a sign post.)

   Well, now I know why all of these years I stuck with AAA, and I realize that now it is not just for all of those free Trip-ticks and maps. By the way, the membership does have its perks, running out of gas and being rescued for free is certainly one of them. AAA does it all from travel service to insurance, whether you are straight couple or single guy or gal, or if you are a two mom or two dad family with a gazillion kids, they got your ass covered by god.  I think I will go and finally display that gold club sticker that I have been keeping in the drawer all these years. Yea, display it right next to the Diversity triangle.

   Screw AFA.

   I have also noticed that since they reworked their web site, that one cannot send directed e-mails to anyone in the organization. This is interesting. Unless they hid it in plain sight or I am really blind, there is no “contact us” link anywhere. I wonder why that is? I know, they got tired of being hounded by us heathen sinners about how they are screwing up our lives with their religion. The last time I sent anything to them I got a thank you back from an anonymous person who also said that they would pray for me and make me not want SRS.

  Well, I have had that SRS, I tend to send my wishes to gods that I can see and feel since I am Wiccan and my AAA membership card says something about being a member since……………


 Yea, it has been a long time with a good company.  

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