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Upcoming Recess Events: Tell Your Rep Where You, Your District, and America Stand

Listed below are upcoming recess events that are already generating buzz. The second column represents the Partisan Voting Index (PVI) for the district, which tries to quantify how "Republican" or "Democratic" a district is relative to the rest of the country.

James Kwak points to a new New York Times poll, which indicates that 66% of the country think the government should "“offer[] everyone a government administered health insurance plan." He notes that even though 76% worry that it could increase their taxes, 75% believe that without reform their health care costs would go up anyway.

Despite the fact that many are in heavy Democratic districts, none of the people on this list have taken the pledge. One would think it would be more politically problematic for someone not to take the pledge than to take it in a D+10 district.

PVI Day Date Time Location Information
Adam Schiff D+14 Tuesday August 11 7 pm Alhambra, CA Details & Signup
Steve Rothman D+9 Tuesday August 11 7 pm Palisades Park, NJ Details & Signup
Rick Larsen D+3 Wednesday August 12 5 pm Everett, WA Details & Signup
Marcia Fudge D+32 Tuesday August 12 6 pm Cleveland, OH Details & Signup
Jim Cooper D+3 Friday August 14 9 am Nashville, TN Details & Signup
Pete Stark D+22 Saturday August 15 Noon Alameda, CA Details & Signup
Eddie Bernice Johnson D+30 Monday August 17 8:30 am Dallas, TX Details & Signup
Robert Wexler D+15 Thursday August 20 1 pm Delray Beach, FL Details & Signup
Henry Waxman D+18 Friday August 21 10 am Los Angeles, CA Details & Signup
Jackie Speier D+23 Sunday August 23 5 pm San Francisco, CA Details & Signup
Jim Moran w/Howard Dean D+16 Tuesday August 25 7 pm Alhambra, CA Details & Signup
Allen Boyd R+6 Wednesday August 26 10 am Port St. Joe, FL Details & Signup
Susan Davis D+14 Saturday August 29 1 pm Spring Valley, CA Details & Signup
Jan Schakowsky D+20 Monday August 31 6:30 pm Skokie, IL Details & Signup
Ed Markey D+15 Sunday Sept 6 7:30 pm Lexington, MA Details & Signup

And remember, you can embed the searchable recess event tracker on your site, as seen in our right sidebar.

Photo of Lloyd Doggett event on 8/8 by Alane F. via FDL Event Report tool

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