From the Email:


Click here to help fix Mike’s car!This is absolutely stunning.

My co-worker, Mike Ditto, went to Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s Town Hall meeting on Saturday to listen to him talk to constituents about health insurance reform. While he was there, his car was badly vandalized.

The side mirrors were smashed off. Big dent on his hood. And scratches and dents on every door and nearly every other panel of his car. All because he had an SEIU Healthcare Rally flier in his car.

The health insurance reform rhetoric has become heated over the last few weeks, but to bash someone’s car because they believe differently than you? That’s just wrong. It gave Mike quite a shock. And a hefty repair quote–nearly $3,000.

So we’re asking you to help us cover the cost of Mike’s car insurance deductible. And once we’ve reached the deductible, we’ll put all your donations to work fighting for meaningful health insurance reform.

Help fix Mike’s car and support our efforts for healthcare reform.

Health insurance reform doesn’t need a bandaid. "Just say no" is not a plan for reform. It needs to be fixed so that everybody gets covered–regardless of a health condition, regardless of their age, or their gender.

Stand up for health care reform today and start by fixin’ Mike’s car!