I couldn’t be more surprised to find out that I’m apparently now the honest to gawd, serious “face” for the second tier religious right organizations regarding Obama Tranny-Care. Transgenderism and ObamaCare by Bryan Fischer at RenewAmericaOn Sunday, Bryan Fischer of RenewAmerica comments on my Sunday piece What A Rational Discussion About Healtcare Reform And “Sex Change Operations” Actually Looks Like with his piece Transgenderism and ObamaCare. With Peter LaBarbera’s piece mentioning me, this makes the second conservative “Christian” to call me out by name with regards to healthcare reform and genital reconstruction surgery.

Seriously folk, how the heck did I personally become a face of this “sex change operation” distraction regarding healthcare reform?

Mr. Fischer begins his piece by saying…umm…well, you take a take a look at what he says…

Autumn Sandeen (who is biologically a male in every cell of his body despite adopting a female name) writes at Pam’s House Blend that it’s all hokum that sex reconstructive surgery could wind up being mandated by ObamaCare, all in an effort to contradict Matt Barber’s assertion that it almost certainly will.

Hokum? Who the heck says “hokum” anymore? Jiminy Crickets, I’m being derided in the language of homespun colloquialisms!

Later in the piece, Mr. Fischer states:

Sandeen goes on unwittingly to defeat his argument in two ways by calculating the cost per American to have gender reconstructive surgery included in ObamaCare. Okay, if there’s no chance it’s going to be in there, why is he working so hard to convince us how cheap it will be? Sounds like he’s drumming up an argument to me.

He calculates that the cost, spread out over the entire population of the U.S., would only be about $1.73 per person per year. This is a self-defeating line of reasoning. If that’s all it costs, why there should be plenty of compassionate, gay-friendly Americans who would happily pony up contributions to a charitable organization created to dispense vouchers to psychologically confused Americans who want to surgically mutilate themselves.

Best for last — the conclusion:

If any tax dollars are to be spent on transgenderism at all, they should be spent on reparative therapy, helping these tortured individuals reconcile their psychological identity with their biological identity. True compassion, after all, liberates. It does not enable.

I thought reparative therapy is supposed to change sexual orientation, and I’ve already been celibate since 1992. Exactly what type of therapy is recommended for changing my gender identity, and in light of Matthew 19:12‘s comment that one can change the shape of one’s genitalia for the “sake of the kingdom of heaven”? What would be the reason Christ demand I go to reparative therapy, or for taxpayers to pay for that kind of therapy?

And, by the way, I already went to reparative therapy in the late 1970’s, and it didn’t cure me of having a female gender identity. My 20-years in the U.S. Navy (1980-2000) didn’t cure me of having a female gender identity either. Sending me to reparative therapy at this point would be fraud, waste, and abuse related to taxpayer spending.

On a very personal level, I’m a disabled veteran who’s healthcare is provided through the Department of Veteran Affairs due to service connected medical conditions. Seriously, dear blenders, how many of you believe that the healthcare reform bill that passes through Congress and is signed by President Obama is going to result in the Department of Veteran Affairs doctors performing genital reconstruction surgery on me? Does anyone actually believe that is going to happen?

I don’t believe it for a minute.

Despite what the Liberty Council, Matt Barber, Peter LaBarbera, Roger Hedgecock and Bryan Fischer might say — and may even actually believe, although I doubt that — I personally cannot imagine a scenario where healthcare reform results in genital reconstruction surgery for anyone in the near future.

Apparently, conservative “Christians” believe this red herring — this exercise in needling — will derail healthcare reform. I guess combined with the arguments about how ObamaCare is going to fund abortions and kill old people, they think it’ll work. I hope these conservative “Christians” — those who to me appear to be doing grunt work for the Republican Party and the insurance industry — are wrong about these distractive arguments derailing healthcare reform, but I see their arguments based on fear as gaining traction.

Too bad. The 47-million Americans who don’t currently don’t have healthcare insurance deserve better than this kind of issue misdirection. Those Americans who are losing their healthcare because of preexisting conditions deserve better than this. Hey, I can’t help but believe we all deserve a better level of discourse on healthcare reform than these kinds of spurious arguments at the margins.

This all really would be funnier to me if healthcare reform weren’t so serious an issue.


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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen