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Prairie Recommends: Olbermann on Death Panels

Tonight Keith Olbermann in Special Comment eviscerated the opportunistic and cynical Republican Anarchist Thugs who are fearmongering health care reform and egging on the basest of human darkness.

Example: the power junkie Glenn Beck who goes from tellin’ his listeners not to do anything like…oh, what he’s talkin’ about…to fantasizing about poisoning the female Speaker of the House in some sort of snuff porn lollapalooza.

Beck is one sick mofo. Mrs. Beck best watch her own safety.

And Sarah Palin’s crazitudinous griftin’ speaks for itself.

So Olbermann reaches out to the ordinary people, and even the muttonheads who might yet listen to reason, and implores them to think. To reason. To use common sense.

When the rabid RATs are determined to destroy this presidency, this president at any cost, one hopes the nation of muttonheads will realize that they’ve been listening to wolves in sheep’s clothing.

And the flock that will suffer most if they continue closing their eyes, their ears, theirs hearts to that reason, that common sense, is their own.

[link not yet available at posting time]

UPDATE: LINK HERE to Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment to Palin, Beck and the rest of the RATs…oh, and the rest of us.
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