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Late Night: Kenneth Gladney Stars in “Joe the Dumber”

In a stunning display of masterful stupidity this past weekend, the knee-jerk, anti-health care reform reactionaries pulled perhaps the greatest WTF? stunt since the ineffably unqualified Sarah Palin was selected to run on McCain’s presidential ticket.

We’ve all become acquainted with Kenneth Gladney (or Stevie, as we affectionately refer to him), the teabagging wingnut who tripped and fell while getting in the face of an SEIU member outside Rep. Carnahan’s town hall in St. Louis on Friday. Despite bouncing right back up and walking around after his unceremonious pratfall, Mr. Gladney later discovered that he suffered from "eggshell ass syndrome" and "sought out medical attention" for injuries he alleges to have sustained at the hands of those SEIU monsters! 

And then, in a stroke of pure comic genius, Gladney appeared the following day at another "impromptu" teabag party . . . in a wheelchair, clutching his "Don’t Tread on Me" flag and looking suitably wounded, while his spokeweenie solicited the crowd for donations to cover Gladney’s medical expenses (I suspect that "medical expenses" roughly corresponds with the amount he paid his grandmother to borrow her wheelchair for the day).

Why did Kenny G. have to beg for money like that? Because he had lost his job and no longer had health insurance. He was begging for money for medical expenses. At a rally against health care reform. Health care reform that would provide him with insurance, despite his employment status. The mind, it boggles.

But like a good horror film, "I Will Walk Again: The Kenneth Gladney Story" doesn’t stop there.  On Fox News this morning, Gladney’s attorney announced that he is planning on bringing suit against the SEIU employees, while Gladney thinks President Obama should call out the Brute Squad for "acting stupidly". No word yet on who’s going to foot the bill for the fines levied against Gladney and his ambulance-chasing lawyer for the blatantly frivolous lawsuit. Judges don’t take kindly to having their time wasted.

[Sidenote: Whoever is responsible for makeup in the green room at Fox did a fantastic job – for all of the pounding Gladney supposedly took in the face, you can’t even see any damage!  Remarkable, really.] 

You have to hand it to them — if it’s one thing the Republican Party has cornered the market on, it’s victimhood. Okay, two things: victimhood and working the grift. From Sarah Palin to Joe the Plumber to Mark Sanford and the C Street Boys to Gladney, the party of "personal responsibility" is nothing more than a butterfingered con.

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