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Ignoring Criticism from Jewish Organizations, Rush Limbaugh Doubles Down on Nazis-Democrats Comparison

Despite harsh condemnations by the Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the American Jewish Congress for comparing President Obama and the Democratic leadership to Nazis, the drug-addicted draft-dodging thrice-divorced sex tourist upped the ante today.

Everyone seems to ignore that Pelosi started this, saying town hall participants were showing up with swastikas, etc. That’s calling them Nazis, as Dick Durbin referred to our Gitmo interrogators from the Senate floor. I’ve been listening to the left compare George W. Bush to Hitler for eight years. I’ve been listening to Democrats and the left compare conservatism to Nazis my whole career. This time I responded.  In kind, by comparing the radical left policies of the Nazis to today’s radical left leadership of the Democrat Party.  I’m not surprised they don’t like it.

Now for the last time, for everyone from Nooners to Assrocket: what Pelosi said was true.

But after this latest outburst from the leader of the conservative movement, we’re sure to see a cable news shitstorm about this for weeks, with Republican members of Congress being forced to denounce El Rushbo every time they get in front of a camera, along with a few dozen Politico and Newsweek and WSJ pieces about the GOP’s "Jewish problem."


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