Because the Democrats had no plan for August — even though they knew they would get hammered if health care was delayed, as Chellie Pingree warned on July 20 — they are now leaping into action on August 10.  Steny Hoyer will be running a "war room" for Democrats having problems in their districts:

Hoyer and other leaders will be staying in constant contact with Blue Dogs and other centrists, as well as with the progressives. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), who serves in leadership as the assistant to the Speaker and as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, will be making daily calls to freshman and sophomore members, leadership aides said.

Hoyer was central to facilitating the recess delay that the Blue Dogs wanted.  Of course his focus is going to be on "Blue Dogs and other centrists."  The problems they’re having right now are a direct result of that delay.  The progressives are relegated to "as well as."

House leaders are looking to receive constructive feedback on just how upset core constituents in various districts are over healthcare reform, as leadership staff in Washington starts looking at different ways to stitch together three healthcare bills into one package for a vote on the floor this fall.

They’re not too concerned about Democrats in their districts who want a public plan — a hope that seems to be disappearing.  They’re concerned about appeasing conservative constituents in conservative districts, because Steny’s path to leadership runs directly through the Blue Dogs, and Rahm thinks everyone else is fucking stupid.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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