shomroncommunity400.jpegThis flyer is being distributed by some Jewish campus group called the Zionist Freedom Alliance. The "Freedom" in its name evidently means "Permanent Subjugation of Millions of Palestinians," as, you can see, the organization is encouraging Jewish youth in the Diaspora to come to the West Bank and establish themselves as obstacles to the disengagement of Israel from the West Bank. As with all such groups, it reveals itself to be an enemy of a just Jewish democracy. 

The group’s declaration of principles contains this lovely bit of blood-and-soil nationalism:

The entire territory between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea belongs rightfully and solely to the Hebrew nation. No foreign ruler can justly claim ownership over our people’s ancestral homeland;

One wonders what the flyer’s promise of  "direct interaction with local residents" means, since the Hilltop Youth have shown themselves to be rather less than committed to nonviolence when it comes to the Palestinians whose land they steal. The rest of the declaration is filled with some bizarre anti-imperialism, suggesting that the international community is somehow acting out of a desire to colonize Israel when it seeks to midwife a Palestinian state. Along with the rhetoric of Zionism being a "liberation movement," this is apparently an attempt to make the conquest of the West Bank appeal to the kids’ sense of rebellion.  

Similarly, notice the wicked graffiti logo of the ZFA, a pathetic bid to reach the kids where they’re at. But the only thing the streets is watching is Zionism’s descent into self-parody and counterproductive injustice.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman