Sibel Edmonds is making life complicated for DOJ, and we should THANK her for that! Her deposition today on a number of issues should begin pressure on Holder and DOJ to actually investigate and prosecute a number of cases going forward, and revisiting some issues going back. I’m lovin the prospect!

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And THAT hattip came from our bloggy buddy at Busted Knuckles Place.

And here’s Background From Last Tuesday On It All.

While the Plame/Jennings info will be intriguing, it’s the Turkish Government buyout of a congresscrit or two that will REALLY begin to blow up the DOJ and Holder.

Cuz THAT is foreign intervention, bribing public officials, etc. And THAT will link to AIPAC and Franklin et al being CLOSELY revisited and MAYBE this time being REALLY prosecuted.

Lotta pressure gonna be put on Holder and DOJ from Sibel’s testimony getting out to the public. That pressure should help ensure there won’t be whitewashes to make it all go away.

Not to mention, this CLAMORS for a RELOOK at all the shit Buch/Cheney did, including the run up to the Iraq Invasion.

Per Busted’s request, please share this new info on Sibel’s testimony at every blog you know of, because as HE puts it, the MSM is NOT gonna cover this one.

But the progressive blogosphere can surely blow it up. 😀

As Busted suggests at his place, wait till Marcy Wheeler gets a load of THIS shit!! WOOT! *G*

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