Health Care Reform and the Art of Civil Discourse

Four events do not necessarily a trend make, but………

I reported that the 8/8/09 teabag event on Long Island was remarkable for its lack of venom. That people from the two points of view mingled among each other rather than massing into camps and facing off aggressively. That they manage to TALK to each other like normal human beings.

Peterr had a similar experience in Midwest.

Overall, it seemed relatively calm and peaceful, which I attribute in part to it being 8AM on a Saturday morning. People with different viewpoints were all mixed together, but even the most heated arguments were pretty calm.

Albany Blogger Andrew White tells me in some email about an event held today by Congressman Scott Murphy in upstate NY

This crowd was inter-mingled too. There were some moments of heatedness at the beginning and the interruptions continued throughout but it was mostly under control and I witnessed various side conversations going on around the area between people obviously on opposite sides. Had one of those with an older couple that got in my face as I was leaving myself.

And from Commentor Abrash TX

This is the same kind of behavior I saw today at a health care event in NE Austin, where Lloyd Doggett was present. The crowd was very heavily progressive and Obama tshirts were everywhere, but the opposition commingled and I only saw a couple people being ugly or creepy. That being said, we were there for an hour but had to leave before Lloyd spoke. John Cornyn had told the Austin American Statesman that he planned to attend but I don’t know if he showed.

I’m telling you, the American people are BETTER than lobbyists give them credit for. Even if Washington has forgotten the art of civil discourse,the folks back home? We still remember how to treat our neighbors.

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