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The Party That Must Not Be Named, part 647

Another snapshot of the state of modern journalism, and of the party of family values, western New York style:

From the AP :

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A retired state Supreme Court judge who procured prostitutes for his social club, including one woman who had appeared before him in court and another who was in the country illegally, was sentenced Friday to 18 months in prison.

Ronald Tills, who also served in the state Assembly and was a Court of Claims judge, was given the prison term and fined $25,000 after telling the sentencing judge he was embarrassed by his behavior and prays for the women he victimized.

I know this will shock all of you, but the AP article fails to mentionTills’ party affiliation.

Searching elsewhere picks up this tidbit from

Local political pundits recall how Tills hired Thomas Reynolds of Springville — who eventually went on to become a congressman – to run his re-election campaign in 1972. After Tills was re-elected, Reynolds was hired as a member of Tills’ Assembly staff, which Reynolds was quoted at one time saying helped him in starting "my own career in government and public service," causing Reynolds to say that he will "be forever grateful for Ron’s guidance, counsel and friendship."

Tills was nominated by Governor George E. Pataki and confirmed by the New York State Senate to the New York State Court of Claims in July of 1995, where he served as a court of claim judge and an acting Supreme Court justice.

Gee, I wonder what party Tills belongs to?

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