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Tea-Baggers and Racists- Which One Is You?

Here it is another Saturday and the end of the work week. The overtime dried up and after coming off of a big half last month, this one is going to be a little painful but at least not starving to death. I guess that should be good news enough. There appears to be some more of that good news shedding its way into the newspapers these days despite the call for the heads of any left wing liberal commie bastard such as myself or anyone who voted for Obama.

I for one think that will be the death knell of conservatism in this country, the run-away fanatical, off the deep end bullshit that the people over at World Net daily and other far right wing news outlets. Fox News’ parent company obviously cannot make any money these days especially since they have gone out of their way to poison their own customers. Certainly, the right wing will be the instrument of its own explosive demise. If they way they feed their sheep with disinformation is any indication, that shouldn’t be too hard.

Disinformation is what keeps these ignorant bastards feeding off of each other. So what if President Obama’s approval rating is down to 50%. That is if you go to some obscure poll and not to Gallup which is the only one I give a shit about. Polls are bullshit anyway; they only gauge the feeling of the individual at the time of questioning and as Proposition 8 in California proved those questions can be manipulated in such ways as to get any kind of response that the surveyor desires. That is why polls are BULLSHIT. Harry Truman left the White House in January 1953 with the lowest approval rating for a President, including Bush. Truman is now and has been for many years revered as one of the top ten Presidents in U. S. History.

These Freepers and their tea-bagging parties are the in thing these days for the ignorant about government type folk. There are a lot of them too and it is sad on one hand while showing all of us once again just how sickeningly bad our schools really are when teaching the basics. It is that lack of basic knowledge that feeds the mob mentality of those town hall meetings last week where lawmakers, home from Congress, had to try and address legitimate questions about health care reform from an audience of shouting, rude, people who should have been escorted out of the place for just being assholes. There are right ways and wrong ways to get your points across and being an unruly mob aint the way to do it.

But when you are dealing with a loud minority of uneducated people who are almost all white by the way, it makes me really wonder just what is going on here. I think I found the root answer to this mess. America still cannot stomach the FACT that the MAJORITY of Americans elected a black man to run the place. Did you see any minorities at any of those rallies? I sure as hell didn’t

America may be the land of the free and the home of the brave but it is also home to some of the most hateful, bigoted people on earth. And that alone is shameful enough.

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