Take 2: Allen Ray Andrade MySpace Webpage v2.0 Down

Allen Ray Andrade Inmate Locator PageFrom an email I received from MySpace:


Thanks for writing us.

We appreciate you bringing the profile(s) to our attention. These accounts have already been deleted or are scheduled for deletion based on prior review. The only reason we delete a MySpace profile is for violation of our Terms & Conditions. Just so you know, we cannot delete a profile based on personal conflicts between MySpace users.  

For further info on why we delete a MySpace profile, click here.

We thank you for helping us keep MySpace a safe and enjoyable place to socialize with friends.

Thank you,

Customer Care

If you click the link for the v2.0 version of this Allen Ray Andrade MySpace webpage, the webpage has been removed.

Maria Zapata, Angie’s sister Mom (correction, ~AVS~), left a voicemail the other day with a mutual friend: She wants to extend her sincerest thanks to everyone helping stand up for Angie.

Of course, now those of us who care about this have the joy of monitoring MySpace to see if we end up with a MySpace webpage v3.0.



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