American Airlines screws another family member

Wow. It’s a nice stretch of bad American Airlines performance luck as Kate’s aunt Mary and uncle Hank got flipped the flight cancellation bird on their way to Birmingham this weekend for the wedding.

They bought their tix in May and hadn’t heard a peep since so all was well. They packed, boarded their pets, got ready to go and then the phone rang — the digital prerecorded voice of doom from “something special not in the air” announced that their flight was deep-sixed. They were rebooked on a flight that would get them to BHM at 10 PM the next day.

I guess the only things Mary and Hank can be thankful for is that: 1) they planned to arrive a day and a half ahead of the rehearsal dinner so they didn’t miss that, and 2) they weren’t staying in a hotel so they didn’t get screwed out of that $, and 3) they hadn’t made it to the airport for a stellar butt-numbing wait in the terminal to find out their fate.


* American Airlines sucks gargantuan donkey turds

* The massive sucktitude of American Airlines is beyond belief

* Ironic press release of the day – American Airlines

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