Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons: “Crawl Mother Fucker”

How America treats prisoners in it’s own back yard. These video clips are tough to watch. But one has to wonder if what took place in Abu Gharib is just trickle down from what takes place in some of our prisons

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted With Cattle Prods, Burned By Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?

By Deborah Davies

They are just some of the victims of wholesale torture taking place inside the U.S. prison system that we uncovered during a four-month investigation for Channel 4 . It’s terrible to watch some of the videos and realise that you’re not only seeing torture in action but, in the most extreme cases, you are witnessing young men dying.

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