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Teabagger To African American Blogger: “Go Back Where You Come From”

CTblogger has been a good friend since the Lieberman battle. He’s "from" Danbury Connecticut. He’s also well over 6ft tall (which is why the camera angle is frequently "down" in his videos), and African American.

As the teabagger tells him in this disturbing video:

You and your asinine friends say that we’re paid by big insurance — YOU’RE paid by ACORN and our tax dollars. Yeah that’s me, hello, get the fuck out of my face and go back where you come from.

Ed Anderson was at the same Chris Murphy event in Connecticut, where James Bancroft — the guy who told Chris Dodd to go kill himself — makes a reappearance:

I had forgotten that Bancroft’s group — Gathering of Eagles — was an astroturf outfit that sprang up at the same time Ari Fleischer’s Freedom Watch went into action, and that the Sadly No! guys did an expose that earned them a DOS attack. We republished it when they went down.

He’s also chums with Michelle Malkin.

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