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Most ENDA Bang for your Buck: Indiana’s Lugar, Bayh, Buyer, Donnelly, Ellsworth, and Visclosky

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Here's the biggest bang for your buck on the fight to win ENDA, America: Indiana. These are the Legislators of the Day. Call them today!

After an extensive analysis of who's who and what's what on ENDA, I've organized the legislative priorities to win ENDA. Number one standout: Indiana. (The rest are listed, with my reasoning, at the end of this post.)

Because some Blue Dog Democrats in the Senate will probably vote against ENDA, we're going to need some Senate Republicans who are fair-minded to vote for job equality. In addition, the public support of a few more Representatives in the House is also needed. Indiana delivers a fair-minded Senate Republican, Senator Lugar, a Senate Blue Dog Democrat, Sen. Bayh, and four House members — that is if you, the public, can persuade them to vote in favor of ENDA.

Please contact the legislators listed below today to ask for their support on ENDA, S1584 in the U.S. Senate, HR 3017 in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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