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More fun from the right – Wasilla teen sports Obama/Hitler T-shirt at Denver health care event

If the opponents of the President’s health care reform want to look like legitimate opposition and not fringe crazies like the birthers, it’s probably a good idea to closet up this faction of its “support” (Firedoglake);

Last night we had a rapid response effort after hearing reports that the Malkinites were going to swarm a health care event in Denver where Nancy Pelosi was showing up in support of Jared Polis and Diane DeGette.

Mark S. took videos and uploaded them to us after the event.  Notably, he spoke with on 16 year-old who had identified himself to Jeralyn as hailing from Wasilla, Alaska. Mark got a shot of his t-shirt, which had a picture of Obama and the slogan “Hitler gave good speeches, too”:

He was chanting “read the bill, read the bill.” I’m having a hard time believing that kid read the 1000 page bill.

And the FAIL isn’t relegated to teens, look at this kid’s probable role model, the untethered-from-reality-for-a-paycheck Glenn Beck, who jokes about poisoning Pelosi.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding