Left Behind Again: The Supreme Court Against Public

When the public cast its votes to resume government by, of, and for the people, there was one branch of government – equal in power to the others – that was left aside. Our Supreme Court remains in the hands of the right wing, adamant in their stance against public interests, and unassailable.

The recent fight against the appointment of the eminently qualified Judge Sotomayor was orchestrated from the extreme right wing, and was conducted with characteristic rejection of fact and determination to defeat the wishes of the voting public. Speakers against her nomination on the floor of the Senate continually insisted that the eight decisions she participated in that the right-wing Supreme Court later rejected were proof Judge Sotomayor was unqualified to sit on that same court. The remaining decisions that were not overturned, which numbered over 3,000, were ignored.

Her encouragement of minority students was a major factor in the depiction of her as racist, as she had more than once insisted that wise Hispanics could see areas of judgment more clearly, in some cases, than white old men in skirts. Sorry, that part about age and the skirts is my own interpretation. But that the concept is sound and is easily proved by a review of the Supremes’ recent rulings. Those rulings found that, among other things, women did not have strength enough to decide about their own reproduction and they did not have a right to equal wages for equal work unless they possessed precognition.

This is a court that, we should be aware, is creating precedents.

When a future court decides future cases, they are supposed to recognize and follow precedents the current right-wing court is now setting. As I learned in some conversations last weekend at the ACLU meeting in Austin, TX, it is a sobering thought that, by bringing a case before this court, present decisions must take into account that the wingnut domination in the present Supreme Court limits the ability of public interest groups – like the ACLU – to seek resolution of society’s serious problems.

This court has shown that it works against the public interests and for corporate interests. This is the mindset that has brought disaster to this country and that we have rejected at the polls.

The Senate debate showed that the coming changes in personnel on the Supreme Court cause enough panic that elected officials of this country to shed all pretense of rational discussion and throw up a screen of lies to keep voters from moving the court to the left.

The Supreme Court is the last government body held captive by opponents of the public interest. At all costs, the right wing will fight to keep any change from upsetting that dynamic.

With a court that favors concentration of wealth in the hands of the powerful, our country’s future is seriously hampered. That ideology has failed, dismally, and as long as the court continues to stay on that route to failure, we are in for a bumpy ride.

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