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Just some random thoughts:

1. If I’m Barack Obama, then Gibbs either better get control of the message in this healthcare debate, or he’s gonna get fired. The right wing is playing the bottom of the deck with regards to their tactics to stymie debate over healthcare. I don’t see any effort from the White House to fight this, I only see MSNBC doing their part. There’s a time to seek a win-win, but when the other side has decided to make it into a zero-sum game, then it’s time to win.

2. Based on #1, I am now doubting we’ll get any meaningful healthcare reform, as this whole shameful episode shows that we now have a government of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation.

3. I think the economy is turning around. I had to stop by the unemployment office the other day. There was no line. 6 months ago, the line was out the door and around the block. Plus, there’s more jobs online to apply for. I think we’re throught the worst.

4. If you see what Blackwater was up to in Iraq, it’s really scary. It’s also scary that no one is being held accountable for what they did.

5. If you’re into rock music, check out my band playing live last Sunday. The song is called "When It All Catches Up," a little ditty for the Banks and the Bushies.

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