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Dr. Muhammad Yunus to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

From the Grameen Foundation’s Web site;

Congratulations Professor Yunus

Join people from around the world in congratulating Professor Yunus on being awarded the 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom. It is a richly deserved recognition of his more than 33 years of fighting poverty and giving the world’s poorest people, mostly women, the resources they need to start their journey from poverty.

Share this opportunity with your friends, on your Facebook page, and through Twitter so those who are concerned and involved will have the chance to join in honoring Professor Yunus for dedicating his life to breaking the chains of poverty for millions. More ways to get involved!

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian award in the United States. It’s a honor bestowed to individuals who have contributed to the good of the people of the world.

For those who might not be familiar with Dr. Yunus, here’s a link to his official site.

I highly recommend Creating a World Without Poverty where Dr. Yunus presents the case for a social business model. As a gifted storyteller, he invites you on a journey that demonstrates how one person with a vision and passion can change the dynamics of a deep rooted social injustice such as poverty. Read and be inspired as he weaves his past experiences, with the present circumstances of his venture with DANONE, and lays a proactive foundation for the future.

Along the path of this journey, you discover his creative process with DANONE, to launch Grameen Danone Foods. Their mission from their Web site;

The mission of Grameen Danone Foods speaks for itself: to reduce poverty by bringing health through food to children using a unique community-based business model.

The book has changed my life. The social business model is one that I’m working on in my own creative work.If you would like to purchase the book, Creating A World Without Poverty, here is a link to Amazon.

Please go here to offer your congratulations to him.

Here are some other links that you might find helpful in discovering what you can do to help support Dr. Yunus, and his mission to help lift people out of poverty.

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