I just wanted to report that activist David Mixner is doing a bit better since I first blogged about his entry into the hospital on Tuesday, and has appreciated all of the kind comments of support and get well soon emails that he received from readers. (The Advocate):

Civil rights activist David Mixner has been moved out of the intensive care unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital at Cornell, where he was admitted on Friday night, friend and gay rights activist Corey Johnson told The Advocate on Wednesday.

… “He told me to be completely honest with you,” Johnson said. “He wants people to know he really appreciates the good wishes — they’re actually helping him quite a bit.”

…Johnson said he isn’t sure when Mixner will be released from the hospital but that he is doing better. He said that while Mixner still isn’t able to read much, friends visited him in the hospital on Tuesday night to read e-mails to him and show him some of the blogs he visits regularly.

“He’s overjoyed to see all the support he’s been receiving,” Johnson said. “Blogs like Towleroad, Pam Spaulding, Joe over at Joe My God — it really means so much to him.”

Healing words help so much. I wrote him the other day to let him know that he was in my thoughts, and I recalled how much Blender messages meant to me when I was laid up after an operation in December 2007 and true to form, had some complications that made recovery particularly long. Of course I told David to rest up, not to do what I did (which was to blog from my sick bed at the earliest opportunity, including posting a photo from the operation itself  — yes, I know, “what is wrong with her?”) OK, I didn’t tell David that part, but I guess since his friends are showing him his regular reads, now he knows I’m insane. Pay no attention to the blogmistress behind the curtain!

Get well soon!

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding