Consolation Prizes

As always, there I am, reading my boldfaced administration names from Laura Rozen — and Laura: it’s not acceptable for you not to bold face them this time, dammit, do you think I read your shit for your enviable reporting talents? I need my proper nouns to pop, you know? Right off that screen! — when what do I come across in a post about today’s round of State Department confirmations but this:

 Douglas Kmiec, U.S. ambassador to Malta

There you go: Pepperdine’s Douglas Kmiec, one of the highest-profile Obamacons, a conservative legal scholar of distinction. When I wanted my pieces on national-security law in the Bush administration to balance out my craven liberalism, Kmiec was my go-to quote. And for his support of the president last year, Kmiec was treated like an outcast by his fellow conservatives. He was even denied communion, if you can believe that, which I sort of can’t. 

I hear it’s nice in Malta and you can’t really mess anything up there. Kick back, Mr. ambassador.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman