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Civil Conversations Regarding Marriage Equality in Maine

This one focusing on the children affected:

And this, entitled “Privacy”:

Powerful pieces. I especially like the tone of the conversations and know it does indeed reasonate with Mainers, as was demonstrated during the public hearings and legislative process.

One hopes that the conversations going forward will indeed be civil:

Gay-marriage supporters and foes on Thursday exchanged vows to take the high road in their campaigns in an anticipated referendum.

The lead organization fighting to keep the state’s gay-marriage law on the books made its request of Frank Schubert of Schubert Flint Public Affairs. Schubert Flint led the successful Proposition 8 proposal to overturn same-sex marriage in California, and it has been hired to do the same in Maine.

“Maine voters expect us to take the high road, avoid poisonous attacks, and make our case based on fact and principle. Today, NO on 1 pledged to abide by that high standard,” said Jesse Connolly, campaign manager for NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality.

Reached in Washington, D.C., Frank Schubert said his firm’s campaign to toss out Maine’s gay-marriage law will be conducted in an ethical manner.

“I’m not sure what point they’re attempting to make, but every campaign we’ve run has been an ethical campaign based on factual information. We plan to run exactly that type of campaign in Maine,” Schubert said Thursday.

But here’s the thing- who really IS in charge of the opposition and do they indeed have a track record of ethical behavior?

We’ve heard it was going to be Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland’s Bishop Richard Malone- but then it turned out to be Christian Civic League “Maine Family Policy Council” and Peter LaBarbara’s “Americans For Truth” Board Chairman, Mike Heath.

Then, it was back to the Diocese, when Marc Mutty was loaned to “Stand for Maine Marriage, with a little help and a whopping humongous check from NOM.

Then last week, Jeff Flint jumped into the act as spokesman for SFMM.

And now we have yet ANOTHER name speaking for the opposition, Frank Schubert- who weighed in yesterday from Washington, DC.

Anyone else think we need a scorecard here?

So let’s just look at Flint and Schubert, shall we? Oh my, this raises some questions:

Clients facing difficult public policy challenges come to Schubert Flint Public Affairs when success is the only option. Businesses, trade associations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies seek our counsel in developing and managing strategic, integrated public affairs campaigns because we deliver results they need.

I’m sure that the omitted “ethical” part of this is a mere oversight…

But let’s also examine who they are:

Schubert Flint Public Affairs is a full service public affairs firm with offices in Sacramento and Orange County, California. With a dedicated staff, the firm serves a diverse roster of clients throughout the nation.

Firm president Frank Schubert has twice been named America’s most valuable public affairs professional. He has also been honored with two national awards for assembling and managing the nation’s Public Affairs Team of the Year. He is joined by partner Jeff Flint, a highly-regarded public affairs strategist and manager who brings years of experience to the firm, including having served as Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the California State Assembly. Firm partner Richard Wiebe, a former California Deputy Insurance Commissioner and manager of public affairs for two national trade associations, is an accomplished public affairs professional with three decades of experience in communications strategy, planning and execution. Together, the three head an experienced staff of public affairs practitioners with expertise in all public affairs disciplines.

So guessing Wiebe will be the NEXT spokesman- and funny- again, no mention whatsoever about ethics.

BTW, I haven’t seen so many Californians come to Maine since the Beach Boys were last here…