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And, Allen Ray Andrade Back On MySpace Again

Update: I contacted the prison this morning (as I stated I would in the piece below), and a lieutenant in their Intelligence Division stated they’re searching he and his cell for a cell phone this morning.

I’m waiting to hear back from MySpace. If this page is deleted and a third webpage goes up, I see my job as one of contacting local media about it.


SD_Dave has let us know that even though Allen Ray Andrade lost his previous MySpace webpage, he and/or his family have created a new MySpace webpage. The second comment on the left hand side — from the webpage owner — is “I’m back haterz!! Lovin having cells in the cell.”

The headpiece form his current webpage:

Where do I begin? My brother has NEVER denied his identity as a straight MALE!! Again, he loves WOMEN — you know the real ones that GOD makes with VAGINAS, FALLOPIAN TUBES, UTERUSES, PERIODS, OVARIES. In short, the ones that GOD gives the opportunity to co-create with. Like I said before, MINDSET and SURGERY will NEVER change that. NEVER sorry. Now, before you start hating, remember that for every one hater he’s got ATLEAST four other people lovin him 🙂 He’s made A LOT of friends this last year. He can’t even keep up. He’s truly blessed! After all, he’s STILL here, right? He gets a chance to confess, repent, and move on! Really there is no use crying over spilled milk ~~ it wasn’t worth it ! We walked his calvary with him and we’ll be there while he bears his cross.. LOVE you ALL MUAHHHHH ~~ HIS sister

Today I’ll be calling the Colorado State Penitentiary (the facility where his inmate locator webpage states he is located) The telephone number for that facility is (719) 269-5120. I’ll be asking the facility management why 1.) a murderer convicted of a bias motivated crimes is allowed to continue to victimize the minority group victimized by his bias motivated crime by 2.) reportedly using a cell phone from his cell.

I’m retired. I have time. I have time to call the Colorado Department of Corrections; I have time to call local politicians, local media outlets, and the Weld County District Attorney’s office. I’m as motivated to make his desire to needle the trans community regarding his crime as difficult as he appears to be motivated to needle the trans community — the community that was terrorized by his bias motivated crime.

Frankly, I’m at least as motivated as Allen Ray Andrade to play this stupid game as he is, but I’m not going to play by his rules. And frankly too, I won’t have any feelings of personal remorse about making sure as many people as possible know how he’s attempting to victimize Angie Zapata’s Family again, as well as attempting to victimize the trans community again.



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