We Get Mail: “Socialized” Health Care Warning Commercial During Rachel

A friend who shall remain anonymous sent me this:

OK, so I was watching Rachel Maddow Wednesday night, and some BS group against "socialized" medicine plays a commercial.  The commercial in question is on the front page on the left.

So I go to to give them a piece of my mind.  I hit submit, and they congratulate me on becoming a member.  Whereas the form CLEARLY says contact, not join.

The only thing they got from me is an email drop I use, so nothing of value was lost.  But what chutzpah!  Playing this crap during Rachel Maddow, and calling anyone who writes to them a member!

Also, there is a real Better Government Association, from whom these jackasses stole the name.  And THAT group ain’t happy about it.

I am curious to know what lobbyist group is behind this front group.


 Well, gosh so was I. The website says they used to be the Better Gvernment Association, but now they’re United Citizens Association and that they’re a non profit, based in Akron, OH but as of 1:04am there’s no listing of either business on the Ohio Secretary of State’s business wesbite.

I went to and looked up the URL. No info, which means the URL is privacy protected. I went another  URL search engine, and got this:


Here’s what the USCA says about themselves:

The USCA represents the biggest and most effective organized effort on the part of U.S. citizens to produce government that works in the interest of U.S. citizens and not in the interest of special interests and government officials.

The USCA will initially engage in fundraising to carry out the mission. Contributions to the USCA will provide a great return on investment. In comparison to your time and/or a donation to the USCA, think about how much it will cost you if your income tax is increased by 5% and you have to pay an additional 7.5% for Social Security for a total of 12.5%. On top of that, think about what socialized medicine and Carbon Cap-and-Trade tax will cost you. Think of what Card Check will cost you.

We have hired the best marketing experts in the nation. We can greatly outperform the companies who produce the liberal socialist advertising.

Tomorrow I’ll give a call to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office just for fun.

What interests me as well is that MSNBC would sell ad time for this drivel. But that’s democracy, free speech and capitalizm in action I wonder if Fox sells ad time to liberal groups…

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