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Vote For Your Favorite Blogger in Credo’s Netroots Nation Contest

Who’s your favorite national blogger?  State or local blogger?  Activist blogger?

Credo is joining up with Netroots Nation to award a Blackbery Curve 8330 and a year’s worth of service to the winning blogger in each category.  Just text the keyword ("national," "state" or "activist") plus your favorite blogger’s name to code 27336.

So if for example you were going to vote for — oh, I don’t know, Marcy Wheeler or Scarecrow or Ellie Elliot or something, you’d write "national marcywheeler" or "activist scarecrow" or "state ellieelliot".

Voting closes Saturday, August 15 at 10am.  

And we get absolutely no money for saying this, but I want to mention that Credo (formally Working Assets) have been GREAT partners working with us in the past, and have been particularly wonderful on health care.  They understand politics and they understand the netroots and are really respectful collaborators who use their revenues in very socially conscious ways.  So if you’re in the market for a Blackbery Curve or other phone that they offer, they are well worth supporting.  They totally walk the talk.

Look forward to seeing everyone at Netroots Nation!

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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