This is what I’ve been fearing for some time. After reading the House HELP bill and the Senate HELP bill… and then reading the CBO’s summary of how the House HELP bill was re-tooled to "lower costs"… read "lower coverage" for Americans…

And seeing that both approaches require Americans to buy health insurance… and seeing how the numbers of Americans with emplyoer-provided insurance are severely limited by the unrealistically high percentanges of gross pay that must be exceeded… and concluding that NOT VERY MANY PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO SWITCH TO THE PUBLIC OPTION…. things began to look bleak to me.

Yes, Pelosi and progressives were still clamoring for a "strong public option"…. but if these bills were the first ones out of the shoot it meant they were only going to be watered down more…. things were not looking good. It was apparent that all the back room maneuvering had paid off, and likely paid off big, for the insurance companies and big pharma.

I posted several comments to this effect in FDL diaries… but no one responded… no one seemed to be on the same page I was, or at least no one wanted to say anything. And I wasn’t completely sure… I just really began to have serious doubts about this "reform."

Well, Chris Terhune and Keith Epstein of Businessweek have just published what to me is a bombshell expose of the FUCKING UNBELIEVALBE influence UnitedHealthcare had in crafting this legislation… particularly the House legislation… with the utter and complete complicity of the Dems… and let’s face it, probably even the White House.

Among the more egregious examples… Sen Mark Warner (UnitedHealthcare-VA) is a freshman Senator elected last fall and a wealthy former businessman… he was given the plum role of Senate liaison for business… here’s how he worked with UHC:

UnitedHealth has periodically served as a valuable extension of Warner’s office, providing research and analysis to support his initiatives. Corporations and trade groups play this role in all kinds of contexts, but few do it with the effectiveness of the insurers. In June, Warner introduced legislation expanding government-backed Medicare and Medicaid coverage for hospice stays for the terminally ill and other treatment in life’s final stages. The issue isn’t a top UnitedHealth priority. But the corporation wanted to help Warner with his argument that in the long run, better hospice coverage would save money. UnitedHealth prepared a report for lawmakers finding that 27% of Medicare’s budget is now spent during the last year of older patients’ lives, often on questionable hospital tests and procedures. Expanded hospice coverage and other services could save $18 billion over 10 years, UnitedHealth asserted. When Warner went to the Senate floor on June 15 to offer his bill, he cited those exact figures. He thanked the company for its support and put a letter from UnitedHealth applauding him in the Congressional Record.

Read this story and weap… combine this with the fucking mindless racists protesting "healthcare reform" … read "We have a black president and we want him to fail as our media masters have told us."…. this is truly a sad day for America.

I don’t know who to blame the most… Obama or the bought-and-paid-for Dems in Congress who sold out… this article goes really well as a follow-up to Jason’s previous post linking to Brave New Films’ expose on the corruption in UnitedHealth Care… perhaps we should send all of the Blue Dogs and Orahma a copy?

For some reason the link feature won’t work so I’ll just post it…