Dear Morning Joe on MSNBC,

On Thursday, August 6, I listened to Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan wax eloquent about the authenticity of the grassroots protest against health care reform at town hall meetings, which are actually astro-turfing efforts organized by GOP talent and funded by corporations.

Of course, Joe and Pat found them entirely authentic and failed to mention the invlovment of lobbying money and GOP party operatives. What I heard from Joe’s mouth, a self-proclaimed bipartisan and self-proclaimed man of reason, was the rhetoric of an ideologue and a propagandist.

Shouldn’t Joe and Pat learn something about the facts or, if they have already, be honest about it before they go on TV and profess what’s going on? Do you think Joe and Pat could watch Rachel Maddow and learn a thing or two from someone who takes journalism and research seriously?

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No one cares about who organizes and pays for anti-health care reform bus transportation. What people care about is that the press report it accurately. And you should too, since you are the press. I’ll remind you broadcast licenses are contingent upon serving the public, not dissembling or misleading it.

The argument against the astro-turfers is that the tactics they use are to disrupt, frustrate, stifle and shutdown a meaningful debate about health care reform between citizens and their government representatives; and that is anti-democratic.

The other argument against astro-turfer tactics is their intimidation and undercurrent of violence, which can unleash chaos without a means of controlling it later as it spirals into violence.

Next time Morning Joe reports on this, I expect you to get it right and if you do not, I’ll know this show is committed to right-wing propaganda, notwithstanding the guests from the right and the left, and primarily due to Joe’s partisanship.

It occurred to me that, watching Morning Joe for news, one would never know:
What 76% of Americans want
What 58% of Republicans want
What Obama campaigned on
What is the Public Plan!

Morning Joe FAIL.