Let’s get one thing straight: Tennessee is a car state. And so is Missouri. In fact, unlike Missouri, Tennessee does not have a car on the top 10 new vehicle purchased under Cash for Clunkers. Nevertheless, Tennessee’s two Republican Senators voted for the program. But Claire McCaskill did not.

Here are the votes that deviated from party line (final vote was 60-37):

Republicans Voting Yes:

Brownback (KS)

Collins (ME)

Snowe (ME)

Bond (MO)

Voinovich (OH)

Alexander (TN)

Corker (TN)

Democrats Voting No:

McCaskill (MO)

Nelson (NE)

Leahy (VT)

Warner (VA)

Democrats Not Present:

Mikulski (MD)

Kennedy (MA)

Byrd (WV)

I look forward to McCaskill’s Tweeted explanation for why she was almost alone of car-state Senators voting against an effective stimulus program. Unfortunately for McCaskill, even the normally press-friendly but regressive Bob Corker won’t be able to give her reasons, since he voted in favor.



Marcy Wheeler aka Emptywheel is an American journalist whose reporting specializes in security and civil liberties.