August is showdown month, so please use our August Recess Event tool and keep working the phones even more to whip votes. If you are a blogger, please sign up your blog.

Here’s a round-up of the latest action in Vermont, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and California.

Vermont: Odum at Green Mountain Daily had a must-read analysis piece urging Peter Welch to sign the pledge.

Ohio: Modernesquire at Buckeye State Blog had a mea culpa for not alerting readers to the Steve Driehaus town hall that was disrupted by tea baggers. Don’t let this happen to you, check out the recess calendar today.

Colorado: The wonderful Colorado progressive blogosphere immediately mobilized upon word that Michele Malkin’s teabaggers were planning to attend an event with Nancy Pelosi, Diane DeGette, and Jared Polis.

Michigan: Eric B. at Michigan Liberal urged readers to attend a town hall with John Dingell

Minnesota: TwoPuttTommy at MN Progressive Project has a save-the-date for August 27th when Crazy Michele Bachmann will hold a Town Hall in her campaign to provide neverending material for comedians and progressive bloggers.

New Hampshire: Judy Stadtman at Blue Hampshire provided contact info for the organizers in the 603.

Connecticut: ctblogger at My Left Nutmeg totally busted Anthem Blue Cross astroturf at a town hall for Congressman Chris Murphy.

California: There is currently a special election to fill the Ellen Tauscher’s seat. If a candidate gets more than 50%+1 on Sept 1 they win, if not the runoff is on Nov 3. Realizing there is a good chance the winner will have a vote for health care, Calitic’s David Dayen has been asking candidates about the pledge during interviews. Lt. Governor John Garamendi and state Senator Mark DeSaulnier have both taken the pledge.

What are you doing to draw a line in the sand and demand a public health insurance option?

Marisa McNee

Marisa McNee