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DailyKos Bans Writer for Mocking Settlements – Blog Clog at the Daily Kos

Missed this. I have heard that over at the Daily Kos that criticism of Israeli policies has not been a focus at the Kos, but this is absurd. Sound like a blog clog to me.

"What’s up with DailyKos? This isn’t the first time they’ve banned bloggers for writing about Israel and Palestine, but this surely is the dumbest case. Guess that free trip to Israel really went to their heads.

Mondoweiss reports that Jane Stillwater got booted from DailyKos for making fun of, um, settlements.

Seriously. She made fun of illegal, immoral, ridiculously anti-peace, settlements, and US support for them as in:

“Our American government is currently financing and maintaining a fabulous all-comprehensive housing program that can provide you with modern newly-constructed state-of-the-art housing at either subsidized prices — or free! And talk about location location location. This wonderful model housing program isn’t located in undesirable places like the grungy old Boston inner city or shabby run-down parts of L.A. And, unlike those tacky bankrupt schools in California and Mississippi, this place has outstanding schools too. And its healthcare services, shopping centers and freeways are also top-of-the-line.

These fabulous new housing programs are located in a place that is sunny, modern, upscale and family-friendly — Israel!

According to USA Today, “Nefesh B’Nefesh, a non-profit organization, provides grants of $3,000 to $10,000 as an incentive for Jews to move [to Israel]. Nefesh B’Nefesh, which means ‘Soul to Soul,’ also helps arrange housing, jobs and schools for immigrants’ children.”

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