Ce N’est Pas Une Guerre de la Terror

Brennan speaks at CSIS on terrorism and Obama’s approach to it later this morning. I’ll be there. My early marker is here. The Post‘s preview is here. My take on the Post‘s preview is here. Marcy reminds me on her Twitter feed that today, eight years ago, George W. Bush received the infamous ‘Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in U.S.‘ briefing. I’m told it’s just a coincidence, but damn…

Hey, so here’s a question: would it be better for you if I liveblogged the thing or live-tweeted it? I’m thinking tweet. But you tell me.

Also, don’t miss this Marcy point:

[Brennan] was also, apparently, intimately involved in the illegal activities of the Bush Administration, particularly Bush’s domestic surveillance program

So soft power is all well and good–provided we make a more competent attempt at it than Karen Hughes was able to muster. But will it move beyond the abuse of power Brennan was involved in under Bush?

 Brennan’s taking questions today. Just saying.

Update: Hi from CSIS. It’s 10:25 and Twitter is down.  So much for my plan. Ah well. Come over to the Windy for fun fun livebloggery.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman