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You can never say, “Y’know, that’s a good point, maybe I’m wrong”

And it isn’t just people trying to rationalize why the hell they were all for invading Iraq six and a half years ago. It applies to just about every villager when they get called for tossing out some right-wing tripe.

Lou Dobbs won’t just say, "On reflection this birther stuff is ridiculous nonsense, I should just go back to what I’m good at, disgustingly and mindlessly bashing Mexicans." No, he just digs himself in deeper.

And so it is with The Village and it’s attitudes toward the teapartiers and ending civil discourse by screaming over it, an Orange Pekoe Putsch. After all, as Marc Ambinder reflexively said, "it’s just like the liberals when Bush tried to reform social security".

Well, no. When Josh Marshall reminded Ambinder that the protest over social security "reform" did not involve actually screaming at meetings to ruin them, threatening representatives with physical violence including assassination, and generalized douchebaggery, the response was telling:

Democrats may have used different tactics — protesting outside of places as opposed to inside of them — but that’s not terribly germane.

Well, aside from that being the entire point of what Marshall just said, and that it completely contradicts your original argument, you’re right Marc, it is not terribly germane, to you.

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